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☇ 03; even lady queens get cabin fever [02 Mar 2014|03:31pm]
Does the weather in this land ever change? Or are you competing with Jotunhiem for longest ever winter?

Message to Thor, Loki and Sif;

It has come to my attention that there is some lovely performance in the large park in the middle of the city. Something about shaking a spear. I would like to view this custom and it does seem like you three have been rather reclusive of late.

I'm less than happy with that.

Would you kindly agree to accompany me to this little do?

☇ 02; with matters of family [06 Jan 2014|12:08pm]
As handy as these little devices are, I find them tragically impersonal. By the stars, you'd never have to leave the house with these things. It does so make for such lonely interactions.

Although this internet thing is highly educational.


Darling, could you please avoid inciting riots and having Sif escorted to a cage. You spoke out rather vehemently about being in one yourself, do extend the courtesy of not putting her in one.


You've been ever so quiet. Wouldn't you like to have some lunch? After all, you snuck off without a word at all. One could believe that you were trying to avoid me.

☇ 01; arrivals on Midgard are rarely quiet [16 Nov 2013|11:24pm]
Mental communication with teh babies Thor & Loki

Interesting choice of realms, dears. The atmosphere is... Unusual.

You'll have to explain the many great qualities of the realm which undoubtedly keep you both here so firmly.

☇ profile; Queen Frigga [11 Nov 2013|09:17pm]
Love, we need it now, let's hope for some so we're bleeding out )

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